PARA – Symfónia energií (STEAM – The Symphony of Energies) – Short List

FINALE (Short List-  innovative, inventive and creative work)

Prix-Italia-LogoWhy, after the 66th Prix Italia was in 2014 entitled “The Innovation Laboratory”, is this year’s Festival called “The Creativity Laboratory”? (2015) It is simply because we cherish this dream of a Radio, Television and Net taking-in, producing and broadcasting top cultural quality. And culture requires constant innovative, inventive and creative back-up. Prix-Italia-Home

Cinema for ears – Live recording (2015-01-17)

Steam – The Symphony of Energies (Para – Symfónia energií) [ :poster Oleg Fintora: ]

Overtura /Ouverture – [BONSAI 1] Iron Meme – Adagio – [BONSAI 2] Vláčikár; o Milanovi Adamčiakovi /Small Train Lover; About Milan Adamčiak – Fuga / Fugue – [BONSAI 3] Daj mi tvoj urán / Give Me Your Uranium – Allemande – [BONSAI 4] Jazykové Okienko / Linguistic Corner – Da capo

FORM: The innovative form of live performance of Bonsai combinations
* 1)
and live playing on unique musical instruments  * 2)

A new form using an attractive language and a fresh style.

* 1 – Bonsai)
Bonsai – is not a dance
Bonsai – is not a music
Bonsai – is a resonance
Bonsai – is a walk through memory
Bonsai – is an invisible sculpture
Bonsai – is a unique form of abbreviation
Bonsai – is the art of miniaturization in the story
Bonsai – is a walk through the gardens of pictures
Bonsai – is a message
Bonsai – is the magic

Bonsai – audio miniature (max. 240 sec.).
It offers to the listeners a compact messages based on compositional procedures and means of sonic art expression (voice from internet, voice Jozef Fekete, voice from internet, computer generated voice).

*2 – Unique musical instruments)
self-produced sound objects (Guillotine, Goat …) in combination with sound processing in real time.



PRIX ITALIA RADIO FESTA Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015

The Jury:

Renate Burtscher (ORF, Austria), Patricia Pleszczynska (CBC/SRC, Canada), Aise Dudu Tepe (Radio24 SYV, Denmark), Justine Mergnac-Herstenstein (Radio France, France) Eoin O’Kelly (RTÉ, Ireland), Marco Mauceri (RAI, Italy), Adam Suprinowicz (PR, Poland), Liliana Staicu (ROR, Romania)
The President: Justine Mergnac-Herstenstein (Radio France, France)

General Observations

The jury decided unanimously that the RTVS submission “Steam – The Symphony of Energies” would be best placed in the “composed work” sub-category.

The jury was concerned about the wording of the description for the “programme about any kind of music attracting a broader audience” sub-category. We understand that the description was put in place to broaden the entry field but we fear that it may have had the opposite effect. Some of the entries seemed to come from an overly literal reading of the description which meant that their focus was more on social media and expanding audiences than it was on good programme making. We would suggest that these problems might be avoided by using the title “programme about any kind of music for any kind of audience”.


– BUNYAH (ARD, Germany)
Direction: Catherine Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner – Production: Manfred Hess, SWR2 – Script: Catherine Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner, Les Murray – Adapted from: Les Murray: Killing the Black Dog, The Import of the Season, Poems – Composition & Electronics: Catherine Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner; Sören Birke (Mouth Organ, Jew’s Harp, Duduk), Jürgen Ruck (accou) – Sound: Karl-Heinz Runde, Boris Kellenbenz, Sabine Klunzinger – Editing: Manfred Hess, SWR2 – Actors: Dagmar Manzel (also Singer), Ulrich Noethen, Felix von Manteuffel, Les Murray- Translation from English: Margitt Lehbert – Producing organisations: ARD, Südwestrundfunk SWR2.

Catherine Milliken and Dietmar Wiesner’s “Bunyah” is a contemporary radio opera with composed, improvised and recorded sonic elements. It takes the original texts of the poet Les Murray and uses them as a portal for the listener to enter into a complex psychological landscape. The composers treated these original texts with enormous respect and in doing so both preserved and amplified the difficult subject matter they contained. The execution of the piece by the actors, musicians, recording artists and editors was outstanding.

Direction: Juraj Duris – Script: Marek Kundlak – Music: Juraj Duris, Marek Kundlak – Sound: Roman Lasciak
Matus Wiedermann – construction of instruments, guillotine, objects, Marek Kundlak – objects, vocal, Robo Rudolf – wind instruments, electronics, Viktor Schramek – objects, Matej Ruman – objects, Fero Király – electronics, Jakub Píšek – VJ, electronics, Juraj Ďuriš – electronics.

RTVS’s “Steam – The Symphony of Energies” drew together a number of resources, found objects, spoken texts, traditional instruments and electroacoustic technologies to form a unified whole. The subject matter was approached with the wit and ingenuity that has been a hallmark of the steam age. The jury found it remakable that all these elements were realised in a single collective improvisatory performance. The well chosen texts were combined with the music to give the piece an appropriate rhythm and propulsion and in doing so, a rounded view of the phenomenon of steam and its place in the story of humanity.


Direction and Production: Sherre DeLys, Hal Cannon – Sound: Timothy Nicastri, Travis Bubenik (KRTS Marfa Public Radio), Joel Nelson (Alpine Texas, reciting Saddle for a Throne)

ABC’s “What a Cowboy Hears” was an immersive audio experience which takes the listener to Texas and explores the relationship between the cultural and natural landscapes through beautifully recoded music and sound. Presenters Sherre DeLys and Hal Cannon inhabit their own story and give us a timeless aural snapshot of this culture. The result is a symphonic soundscape and an excellent example of how field recording can be used to make impressionistic radio which can show without telling.

Direction: Klara

VRT Klara’s “The Original Soundtrack: The French Edition” was an evocative journey through Paris using film and music. Bent van Looy’s narration was in perfect sympathy with the subject matter. The programme had a very natural flow and rhythm and conveyed its information warmly and empathetically. It also allowed the musical excerpts to breath and take centre stage leaving the listener with space to contemplate the stories in the script.

Direction, Production, Script and Sound: Oleg Troyanovsky – Music: various composers – Editing: Dmitry Fedorov

Oleg Troyanovsky’s “Encrypted in Music” is a flight of fancy that explores the conceit that music is encrypted with secret messages from the 16th century right up to our own contemporary music. The presenter’s intellectual curiosity engages the listeners and allows them to follow him from clue to clue through this arcane subject matter. It gives an insight into the composer’s minds and the need for constraints to give shape to imagination. The programme yields up fertile ground and adds layers of depth to music for all radio listeners.


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