IFEM 2019 | 21 June | 20.30 hrs

Publicly supported by the Slovak Arts Council

CONCERT | STUDIO FORUM (FR): 20.30 hrs |


  • Philippe Blanchard “Sound Poetry”
  • Stephan Jacquet “Acousmatic works”
  • Studio Forum & Nautilus Composers: works from Jean Louis Belmonte, Georges Castagné, Barbara Beck, Olivier Falcou, Chantal Lorieul
  • Philippe Blanchard & Stephan Jacquet Improvisation with Noise Box and Double bass

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21 June | 20.30 |where: A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture | Bratislava

Philippe Blanchard

Philippe Blanchard is an acousmatic music composer. He made his music at the Studio Forum in Annecy as an action of resistance against unique and disposable thought. As Rabelais was interested in horrific life of the big Gargantua, Philippe Blanchard manifest love of the human condition apart. His art is a surprising combination of sound objects, elements of a puzzle then metamorphosing into “a cartoon for the ear” … It is thus a collector artist sounds: Norias of Hama, tomatoes from Deir ez- Zur (Syria), the zurkhanes (House of Strength) in Iran, the snakes of Mary (Turkmenistan), the yellow House in Beirut (Lebanon), the Train station of Odessa (Ukraine) and even the Vatican crypts …
He is the winner of several international contests: GMEB (Bourges), Prix Luigi Russolo (Italy), La Muse en Circuit (Mauricio Kagel, Luc Ferrari), CIMES -FICS (Prague), Award “Chasseur de sons” Radio France International for his composition “Captain Cook”. His music has been published under the name of Lieutenant Caramel.on Monochromevision labels (Moscow), Waystyx, SFCR, Acteon, OEC, Rotorelief …
He gave many concerts including “Katastrophe” created at the Festival “Concerts d’hivers et d’aujourd’hui” (Annecy 1994), written for Anastassia Politi (voice), electric bass (Kasper Toeplitz), “Morderse la lengua” created in 2005 for the symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona at the Lem Festival. He has done a lot of music for the company Erinna and obtained two state commissions by the Ministry of Culture for “Médéa / fictions” (1996, Bourges) and ” Where that hurts ” (2000, National Theater of Dijon-Burgundy). He has done also several tours in Germany, Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Russia and Lebanon.
He devoted himself entirely to his passion for acousmatic music by creating the “Festival Bruit de la neige” (Since 1999), and opening a Workshop “Nautilus” at the Faverges music school.
Member of the jury Prix Russolo since 1991, he is also the organizer and chairman since 2010 http://prixrussolo.blogspot.com/
Finally, he is also publisher of CDs, books (Acteon, Encre Noire, Bruit de la neige & Russolo Award). He participated in the production of the latest book by Raymond Brasset “Le patois Savoyard of Marlens” and plans to release in September the first French edition of Luigi Russolo’s book “Beyond the Matter”.

Stephan Jacquet

Stephan Jacquet is an inspired multi-instrumentalist musician, largely self-taught and eclectic, author, composer, performer, midi programmer, producer. From 1996 to 2006 he was a composer member of the French rock band TELECRAN, winner of the FAIR in 2002, broadcast among others on France Inter or Les Francofolies de La Rochelle in 2000 and 2002. He currently performs solo or in various projects in the Rhone-Alpes region (France) as a guitarist, double-bass player and singer, but has also been drummer of the rock band LA CUVE During the 90s.

It is at this time that he discovers acousmatic music thanks to his friendship with Jérôme Demaison (Studio Audiolinea – Nancy), then with Bernard Donzel-Gargand who was his initiator in MAO in 2000 at the Studio Forum, where he meets Philippe Blanchard.
He proposes to present a first acousmatic piece at the 2018 festival «Le Bruit de la Neige», which allows him to discover new horizons, and to become one of the «official» composers of Studio Forum.

Result of an intense journey between sound researches, monochromes, musical composition and audio history, his acousmatic work is original, always based on sounds that he himself recorded, between field recording and bruising, because with his exceptional sensitivity, Stephan hears music
everywhere and always, and loves the use of the sounds of nature and daily life in his composition.

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