IFEM 2019 | 21 June | 19.00 hrs

Publicly supported by the Slovak Arts Council

IMAGO SONORIS | Lost Memories – 19.00 hrs

Experimental Studio Bratislava presents cinema for the ears | IMAGO SONORIS | Lost Memories
BONSAI GARDEN: :: Bob Dylan | Blowin’ in the Wind :: Christian Callon | Differen Music :: Milan Adamčiak | Opak je pravdou :: Brian May (Queen) | Who Wants to Live Forever :: John Cage | 4.33 pre Adamčiaka :: Pink Floyd | Another Brick In The Wall : Urbanfailure + Kragrowargkomn | The Brick Wall :: Laco Kerata | Daj mi Salami :: Miro Bázlik | Hudba zomiera v človeku posledná :: Miloš Boďa & Juraj Ďuriš | Portrait :: Peter Zákuťanský | Stratené pamäti |Lujza Ďurišová – violoncello :: Robo Roth – voice

|where: A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Christian Callon IFEM 1992 – (video BONSAI)
Opak je pravdou (Arnold Kojnok) – Milan Adamčiak (video Bonsai)

Opak je pravdou – Scenár, réžia: Arnold Kojnok | Kamera: Slavo Hutník, Pavol Palárik, Peter Palárik, Arnold Kojnok | Zvuk: Martin Fačkovec | Strih: Pavol Palárik

4.33 pre Adamčiaka 2016 – (video BONSAI)

Original text recording: June19, 1992 – Bratislava
Voice: John Cage
Text recording, concept, music, editing, mixing: Juraj ĎURIŠ
Video: Peter Zákuťanský, Jakub Fišer

Exactly after 17 years, I returned to sound material that I had recorded in 1992 (DAT – recording) during the visit of John Cage in Bratislava (several weeks before his demise – celebration of his 80th birthday). Duration of the whole voice recording was over 1 hour. I have created “BONSAI” – a short form sonicART with limited duration. This Bonsai was composed from text fragments of John Cage´s lecture in Bratislava, held at the Sovak Philharmonic on June 19, 1992. The experience of this “symphony of spoken word” was very strong for me and therefore I have endeavoured to create a kind of sonic sculpture in this symbolic form. It is an attempt at unique abbreviation, art of concentration of a story, walk round the gardens of sonic images. This fascinating experience has become an acoustic imprint of a moment with the outstanding composer back in 1992. (Juraj ĎURIŠ )

Urbanfailure + Kragrowargkomn | The Brick Wall 2019 (live performance) * Premiere
Laco Kerata | Daj mi Salami 2019 – (video BONSAI) *Premiere

Laco Kerara | Daj mi Salami – video BONSAI : sound- Karol Horváth, video- Braňo Lengyel 2019

Miro Bázlik |Hudba zomiera v človeku posledná 2019 – (audio BONSAI) * Premiere
PORTRAIT | Boďa & Ďuriš 1989 – (video BONSAI) *Premiere

PORTRAIT – © Miloš Boďa & Juraj Ďuriš 1989
in cooperation with: Kristián Bezák, Martin Homola, Miroslav Longauer, Milan Milo, Andrej Zmeček

Year: September 1989
Authors: Miloš Boďa, Juraj Ďuriš
Length: 8:04 min
Production: Miloš Boďa, Juraj Ďuriš – September 1989
Video format: 1 inch C – format + stereo sound
Technology: Comodore AMIGA 2000 set+ MagniEncoder/Genlok, Character generator Chyron ACG,
software DeLuxe Paint 3 + Aegis Animator, Camera JVC KY 17, recording M 2 format, Edit 1 inch technology – switcher AMPEX Vista, edit computer Paltex ELAN
Audio electroacoustic music – stereo.

The video composition “Portrait” was created by combining video technology, electroacoustic music, and computer graphics. All components were created simultaneously in Miloš Boďa’s studio and in the Experimental Studio Bratislava.
The dilemma of the inability to perceive the external world objectively is the work’s main idea. In-between reality and a video camera, a “corrective board” is inserted that invalidates realistic vision. The “corrective board” is a layer created as an optical artistic object modified by means of a computer. It adheres to its own rules of optical deformations and delusions that finally attain forms of unidentifiable abstraction. Nevertheless, human presence is always felt in the background. Visual and acoustic components were carefully selected to jointly form a single compact whole.

The video was awarded the Main Prize in B category (video utilizing electroacoustic music) in the international MUSICA NOVA contest in 1994 in Prague.

1990 – SISEA (Second International Symposium on Electronic Art), Groningen, Holland
1991 – Computer Art Festival, Rassegna Internationale di Musica, Video, Danza e Nuove Tecnologie, Padova, Sala Polivalente, Italy
1991 – Mittel Europa Nouvelles Musiques D’Europe Centrale, Nice, Museé d’Art Moderne, France
1991 – L’Altra Musica dei Paesi Dell’est Europeo, Varese, Musei Civici di Villa Mirabello, Italy
Musica Nova 94, Prague, Czech Republic

Peter Zákuťanský, Jakub Fišer, použité materiály z projektu Mareka Šulíka Rodinné archívy

Peter Zákuťanský, Jakub Fišer, použité materiály z projektu Mareka Šulíka Rodinné archívy

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