MUSICA NOVA 2020 | International Electro-acoustic Music Composition Competition

International Electroacoustic Music Competition

Elizabeth Anderson, Rainer Bürck, Lenka Dohnalová, Juraj Ďuriš, Pavel Kopecký, Peter Nelson, Rudolf Růžička, Peter Stollery

81 pieces were considered from 23 countries

Category A
(compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)

First Prize
John Young (GB/New Zealand) Abwesenheit
Honorary Mention David Holland (GB) First Rituals
Other Finalists
Rodney DuPlessis (Canada), Apostolos Loufopoulos (Greek),
James O ́Callaghan (Canada/Ireland), Louise Rossiter (GB), Annete Vande Gorne (Belgium)

Category B
(compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble & electroacoustic media)

First Prize
Gilles Gobeil (Canada) Sentinelle
Honorary Mention
Levy Oliveira (Brazil) Mysteries of the Unseen
Other Finalists
Andrea Gutteres (Australia), Slavomír Hořínka (CZ), Krzysztof Wolek (Poland)

Special Award for Czech Composition
Slavomír Hořínka Murmurings Honorary Mention
Soňa Vetchá Solo in solo?

Other Finalists
Michal Bartoš, Tomáš Pernický, Kamil Remeš

Lenka Dohnalová, director of the competition
Juraj Ďuriš, chairman of jury
SEAH, Czech Republic Prague, November 22, 2020


Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic in cooperation with Czech Music Council / Arts Institute, Academy of Arts supported by Ministry of Culture CR, Municipality of Prague