ART’s Birthday 2014 | STARTER sonicART opera


Event: ART’s BIRTHDAY 2014
Live from Bratislava – EURORADIO EBU | Rádio Devín
From: A4 Space for Contemporary Culture Bratislava (Slovakia) |
Date: 17 th January 2014 |
Time: 20:30 – 20:50 (CET) EURORADIO EBU | Live on Rádio Devin 19:00 – 21:00 (CET)
Event: ART’s BIRTHDAY 2014 (Satellite broadcast 20:00 – 24:00 (CET) |


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STARTER | sonicART opera in one act

Libretto: Marek Kundlák
Music: Collective improvisation
Director: Martin Hvišč

Marek Kundlák – male voice
Michaela Čillíková – female voice
Soňa Ulická  – female voice
Laco Kerata – male voice
Juraj Ďuriš – electronics, sound design
Matúš Wiedermann – electronics, Guillotine
Tomáš Šataník – DJ–ing
Michal Lichý – electornics
Martin Hvišč – electronics, director

Live from – A4 Space for Contemporary Culture Bratislava (Slovakia). A4 – Zero Space is a multifunctional non-commercial centre for contemporary culture in the Bratislava City centre focused on creation, presentation and education in current expressions of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, contemporary visual culture and new media arts. A4 Space is a centre of current artistic expressions in the field of performing arts and new media supporting a vibrant and innovative artistic creation.

STARTER | sonicART opera in one act
The story of this one-act opera takes place at the eighth floor of the block of flats at any prefabricated jungle. A married couple is going to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary. Not that they would like to enjoy romantic moments but because the unbearable wife´s mother pushes them to celebrate it. She visits them on Sunday without any invitation. The husband and his wife are not a perfect example of a happy couple. The mother is well aware of it. Emotions in the kitchen escalate as the lunch is cooked. The kitchen gets to turbulences after the mother has entered. Mother has her own key how to make this meeting an “unforgettable” party and opens the Pandora´s box of the life of the married couple.
And two small children are all the time locked in the adjacent room.
Who knows why…?

A comedy for a narrator, a male voice and a female voice about looking for the truth between the floors, between a husband and his wife acting in and between pots and tableware accompanied by the electronic music and DJ-ing.


Marek Kundlak
MAREK KUNDLÁK, libretto author, male voice

Stage name: TRIBELAR, Country: Slovakia, Born: 1981
Practice: musician, composer, writer, theatre dramaturge, actor, project manager

Professional history: Currently working as a Project Manager at ´Opera of Slovak National Theatre´ (since 2009). Marek has graduated from Conservatory of Bratislava (acting and music) and University of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava (theatre dramaturgy). He is the cofounder of a physical theatre group ´The Third Hand Theatre Company´, (est. in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007, currently based in Slovakia), where his works include writing, dramaturgy, co-directing and music composing (´Woyzeck´ (Edinburgh Fringe 2007) ´Black Box Lost´ (Edinburgh Fringe 2008), ´White Box´ (Kreater Festival, Slovakia 2011), ´Red Box´ (Kreater Festival, Slovakia 2012), ´This Is Not a Golden Fish´ (Banská Štiavnica 2013)). He has performed in a number of Slovak theatres, incl. Arena, Astorka, Bratislava Puppet Theatre, Non Garde, and the Slovak National Theatre. Marek is also an author of poetry, drama and librettos for theatre, radio and festivals (video opera ´A Tooth For a Tooth´, opera ´My Sea Gaddáfí´, oratorio ´Passion of Stefan H.´, mass ´Requiem For a Mafia Man´) and song lyrics for his music and a vast number of different co-productions.
Marek is a singer, musician and composer, spreading his interests in different musical fields from classical music to contemporary experimental music. He composes for theatre, dance theatre, film, as well as his ´DIY Instruments Ensemble´ – an orchestra of self-made instruments. He´s a member of Composition Laboratory based at University of Music and Dramatic Arts and cooperates with the Experimental Studio of Academy of Music and Performing Arts.
Marek has also worked as an Assistant Director in Opera SNT with directors from across the Europe (Gintaras Varnas, Jiří Prudek, Nicola Raab), gaining more experience in blending music with theatre in big-stage productions, as well as a Project and Tour Manager of Opera SNT on tours at international festivals (´Pafos Afrodite Festival Cyprus 2010´, ´Pafos Afrodite Festival Cyprus 2012´, ´ARMEL Festival, Hungary 2012´).




She was born on 8 October 1988 in Ziar nad Hronom (Slovakia). After finishing her studies at a High school she continued in her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts (VSMU) in Bratislava. She gained bachelor’s degree at the Puppetry Department and this year she will complete master’s degree studies at the Department of Dramatic Art.
Already before entering the VSMU she cooperated as an actor with Divadlo a.ha (Theatre a.ha), where she performed mainly pantomime. During her studies she performed in Arena Theatre under direction of Milan Sladek, since 2009 she has been a guest artist, an acrobat in the Opera of Slovak National Theatre (SND). In the same year she cooperated with SND Drama Section, Studio 12 or Ludus Theatre, where she performs also nowadays.
Currently she performs also in the student Theatre LAB (The Housemaids, A Black Comedy, A Streetcar Named Desire), in Elledanse Theatre where she performed in a play “ Long Night” and in a musical “Bubbles in Concrete” (direction: Viliam Klimacek), in “Little Prince” and “ Vacations in Fairyland” (direction: Veronika Pavelkova, artistic leadership: Sarka Ondrisova). Occasionally she cooperates on the projects with drama group The Third Hand Theatre Company (A Red Box, This is Not a Goldfish), or with the dancer Jaro Vinarsky.

8. október 1988, Žiar nad Hronom
Vyštudovala Gymnázium v Žiari nad Hronom. Po maturite pokračovala v štúdiu na Vysokej škole múzických umení v Bratislave, kde úspešne ukončila bakalárske štúdium na katedre bábkoherectva a tento rok absolvuje magisterské štúdium na katedre herectva.
Už pred príchodom na VŠMU herecky spolupracovala v Divadle a.ha, kde sa venovala najmä pantomíme. Počas štúdia hrala v Divadle Aréna v réžií Milana Sládeka, od roku 2009 pôsobí ako hosťujúci umelec, akrobat v Opere Slovenského národného divadla. V tom istom roku spolupracovala s Činohrou SND, Štúdiom 12 či s divadlom Ludus, kde hráva i dnes.
Aktuálne hráva aj v študentskom Divadle LAB (Slúžky, Čierna komédia, Električka zvaná túžba), v Divadle elledanse, kde v réžií Viliama Klimáčka naštudovala autorskú hru Dlhá noc či muzikál Bubliny v betóne, v réžií Veroniky Pavelkovej a pod vedením Šárky Ondrišovej Malého princa a Prázdniny v ríši rozprávok. Príležitostne spolupracuje na projektoch s divadelnou skupinou The Third Hand Theatre Company (Červená skrinka, Toto nie je zlatá rybka), alebo s tanečníkom Jarom Viňarským.


Laco Kerata
LACO KERATA, male voice

Laco Kerata was born on 1 January 1961 in Novaky, Slovakia. He is a graduate of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (theatre direction). In 1991, together with Blaho Uhlar and Milos Karasek established “Stoka Theatre” (Divadlo Stoka) and worked there until 2002. Later he founded a theatre association “Med”. He has performed with the music group Sisa´s Food. Laco Kerata has written more than 15 theatre and radio plays. The titles of his collections of poetry are “Sinful Dreams” (Hriešny spánok) and “I came, I saw” (Prišiel som, videl som). He wrote dramas “Radio Games” (Rádiové hry) and “Dinner above the Town” (Večera nad mestom), a short stories collection “Not too Bad” (Mám sa). His novel “A Miserable Actor” (Zlý herec) advanced to the finals of the “Anasoft Litera Award” and was published also in the Czech language. In 2013 he published a short stories collection “Back Passes” (Malé domov).
He lives in Bratislava and works as a director in Radio and Television Slovakia.

Laco Kerata sa narodil 1. januára 1961 v Novákoch, okres Prievidza. Je absolventom divadelnej réžie na VŠMU. V roku 1991 spolu s Blahom Uhlárom a Milošom Karáskom založili Divadlo Stoka v ktorom pôsobil do roku 2002, neskôr založil divadelné združenie Med. Hral aj v hudobnom zoskupení Sisa´s Food. Napísal viac ako pätnásť divadelných a rozhlasových hier. Vydal zbierky poézie Hriešny spánok a Prišiel som, videl som, drámy Rádiové hry a Večera nad mestom, zbierku poviedok Mám sa a román Zlý herec, ktorý sa dostal do finále ceny Anasoft litera a vyšiel v českom preklade.  V roku 2013 mu vyšla zbierka poviedok Malé domov. Pracuje ako režisér v Slovenskom rozhlase, žije v Bratislave.



JURAJ ĎURIŠ, electronics, sound design

Sound designer, sound engineer, composer and Director of the Experimental Studio, Sound Creativity Center, dramaturgist, editor – RTVS
He had graduated as Master of Engineering at the Division of Atomic Physics of the Slovak Technical University in 1978. Later on, he took private courses on music composition (1988 – Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, 34. Internationale Ferienkurse fuer Neue Music, 1994 – ICCM International Center of Culture Management 94 Salzburg, Austria). Juraj Duris started working with the Slovak Radio; he is currently employed there so far. He has occupied several positions within the arts´ production. His music works have been awarded on a couple of international competitions. Currently, he is a dramaturgist of the Centre of Music and Specialised Programmes of RTVS. J. Duris is responsible for the dramaturgy of experimental projects. He edits a weekly programme of experimental music EX TEMPORE for Radio DEVIN. J. Duris has been cooperating with many international juries and commissions. He is an author of several electro-acoustical compositions and co-worked on many Slovak and foreign projects of arts and film.

Majster zvuku, zvukový dizajnér, skladateľ, riaditeľ Experimentálneho štúdia, Centra kreatívy zvuku, dramaturg, redaktor – RTVS.
Ukončil v 1978 roku šúdium na SVŠT v Bratislave (odbor Jadrová fyzika) s titulom inžinier. Dolpnil si vzdelanie kompozície súkromným vdelaním a kurzami (1988 – Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, 34. Internationale Ferienkurse fuer Neue Music, 1994 – ICCM International Center of Culture Management 94 Salzburg, Austria). Nastúpil do Slovenského rozhlasu, kde pracuje doposiaľ. Pracoval na rôznych postoch umeleckej výroby. Jeho kompozície boli ocenené na viacerých medzinárodných súťažiach. V súčasnosti pracuje ako dramaturg Centra hudby a špecializovaných programov RTVS. Pripravuje dramaturgie experimentálnych projektov a týždenne vysiela program experimentálnej tvorby EX TEMPORE na Rádiu DEVÍN. Pracuje v rôznych medzinárodných porotách a komisiách. Autorsky vytvoril viacero elektroakustických kompozícií a spolupracoval na mnohých domácich i zahraničných projektoch súčasného umenia a filmu.



MATÚŠ WIEDERMANN, electronics, Guillotine

Born 1982 in Bratislava, studied by Stanislav Hochel at the Conservatory in Bratislava. He currently studies composition by Jevgenij Irsai at the Academy of Musical Arts. Currently to serious music, he is actively involved in electro-acoustic creation and sound work. He belongs to demanded performers of electro-acoustic music and own produced, non-traditional music instruments.

Narodený v 1982, Bratislava, študoval na Konzervatoriu v Bratislave u Stanislava Hochela a v sučasnosti študuje kompoziciu na VŠMU  u Jevgenia Iršaia. Okrem vážnej hudby sa aktívne venuje elektro-akustickej tvorbe a práci so zvukom. Je vyhľadávaný interprét elektro-akustickej hudby a vlastne vyrobených, netradičných hudobných nástrojov.


Shutcoo Satanik


Shutcoo (Tomas Satanik) practically lives in Fuga. However, he rarely brings there industrial / techno / electro pieces, as well as some boxes. Skill doesn´t need any comments for those years, the style is strongly rapid. Currently to other activities, Shutcoo is an active member of the “Didaktik EM“ formation.
Source: Spinning Lectures

Shutcoo (Tomáš Šataník) vo Fuge prakticky žije. Zriedkavo tam však nosí industrial / techno / electro pecky a zároveň aj nejaké tie krabičky. Skill už za tie roky nepotrebuje komentár, vkus je prudko rezký. Okrem iného je Shutcoo momentálne aktívny aj v zoskupení Didaktik EM.
zdroj: Spinning Lectures


LIchy urbanfailure

MICHAL LICHÝ, electronics

Michal Lichý o svém uměleckém alter egu Urbanfailure píše: „Je člověk. Rád improvizuje a baví se, hraje lo-fi techno t(h)rash. Urbanfailure patří k bratislavské hudební, vydavatelské a organizační platformě Urbsounds, spojující estetiku industrialu a techna. Minimalistická zvuková koláž kombinující prvky taneční elektronické hudby s noiseovou materií tvoří jakýsi metaforický audio dokument o městské civilizaci v postžánrové době. V produkci Urbanfailure se dekonstrukce industriálního hluku spojuje s konstrukcí nových zvukových struktur. Prostor postindustriální civilizace se tak ukazuje jako sice zruinovaný, ale pocitově působivý kosmos – nebo jeho hudební utopie.
zdroj: KontrA2punkt

Michal Lichy writes about his artistic Urbanfailure alter ego: „He´s a human being. He loves improvisation and entertainment, plays lo-fi techno t (h) rash. Urbanfailure belongs to the musical, publishing and organizing Urbsounds platform, based in Bratislava, connecting the aesthetics of industrial and techno. The minimalistic sound collage, which offers a combination of elements of electronic dance music with noise material, composes a metaphoric audio document about urban civilization in the post-genre age. In the production of Urbanfailure, the deconstruction of industrial noise meets construction of new sound structures. The space of post-industrial civilization presents itself as ruined on one side, but as an emotionally impressive universe, or its musical utopia on the other side.“
Source: KontrA2punkt



MARTIN HVIŠČ, electronics, director

Mgr. art. Martin Hvišč ArtD. had graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts (VSMU) in Bratislava as Master of Drama Arts – Dramaturgy and Theatrology at the classroom led by Prof. V. Strnisko between 2000 – 2005. He was an assistant director of A Dark Shelter Production and in the UBU Theatre in New York. Later on, he worked as an editor for the cultural section of “Life of Bratislava”. Since 2005, he has been working with the Slovak Radio. He started as an editor of the Literature and Artistic-Documentary Department. Currently, he occupies the position of the Literary Drama Centre director. He completed his doctoral studies of stage direction under Ass. Professor Juraj Nvota at VSMU, in 2010.
M. Hvisc is a laureate of several prizes – he was awarded the following prizes at the National Radio Drama Competition: Prize for Debut (2006), The Best Direction of the Radio Documentary (2007), Literature Fond Premium for the radio play direction of portrait (2009). He has been a guest director in some theatres of Bratislava (Studio 12, a.ha, Astorka). Hvisc also works as a teacher and a translator.

Mgr. art. Martin Hvišč ArtD. absolvoval v rokoch 2000 – 2005 Vysokú školu múzických umení v Bratislava ako Magister divadelných umení – dramaturgie a divadelnej vedy, v triede prof. V. Strniska. Pôsobil v New Yorku ako asistent réžie v A Dark Shelter Production a v UBU Theater. Po skončení školy bol krátko redaktorom kultúrnej rubriky „Život Bratislavy“. Od roku 2005 pôsobil v Slovenskom rozhlase najskôr ako redaktor Redakcie literatúry a umelecko-dokumentárnej publicistiky a v súčasnosti ako režisér Literárno-dramatického centra. V roku 2010 absolvoval na VŠMU doktorandské štúdium divadelnej réžie pod vedením doc. Juraja Nvotu. Získal niekoľko ocenení: Cenu za debut v súťaži o pôvodnú rozhlasovú hru (2006), Hlavnú cenu za réžiu za najlepší rozhlasový dokument na festivale pôvodnej rozhlasovej tvorby (2007), Prémiu Lit. fondu za réžiu rozhlasovej hry Podobizeň na Festivale rozhlasovej tvorby (2009). Réžijne hosťuje vo viacerých bratislavských divadlách (Štúdio 12, a.ha, Astorka) a popri divadelnej a rozhlasovej réžii sa venuje aj pedagogickej a teoreticko-prekladateľskej činnosti.